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Monday, Monday

Another week off to a start.

Being retired from real work - out playing music isn't anywhere close to real work - does give me a different perspective on Monday mornings than most. I don't have to answer to an alarm on my phone. I don't have to deal with a tie. I certainly don't have to deal with traffic. I used to do those things but it's been a while now and I couldn't be happier.

Actually, from my point of view, the week starts on Sunday and yesterday was a good day. The Music Box Supper Club is experimenting with an open mic and last night they held their first. There were a lot of familiar voices on stage but there were also some folks I've never crossed paths with and that made for a very enjoyable evening of music and poetry. From singer/songwriters to cover players to hip hop, the evening ran like clockwork, the sound was quite good and there just wasn't anything to complain about.

On the other hand, the show that was scheduled at Sachsenheim for tomorrow has been cancelled. I was looking forward to playing a set along with a list of other talented musicians and for some reason, unknown to any of us, the plug got pulled and we were notified late last week that it wasn't going to happen. I hate it when that happens. Or in this case doesn't.

Just this morning I learned that tomorrow's open mic at the Winchester has been cancelled because they are hosting a show in the music hall. I had planned to hit that one since the showcase was cancelled. Best laid plans of mice and men, I guess. On top of that the open mic at P. J. Marley's in Medina on Thursday has been cancelled because of the Browns game and it won't resume until next week. So there's that.

On the bright side the I have my solo show at Coffee Corners in Burton to look forward to on the 29th. That's always a good time and never gets cancelled for sports related events. Between now and then I'll probably find an open mic or two because being out playing beats staying home playing. Hope to see you around.
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