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Slouching toward understanding

I'm Glad You're Here

So...a blog. That's new.

From time to time this space will be dedicated to random thoughts about music, politics, family, friends, shows, gigs, open mics, instruments, opinions and anything else that seems like a good (?) idea at the time. Clearly, unless stated otherwise and captioned appropriately, everything here is a product of the (mis)firing neurons in the deep recesses of what remains of my brain.

I'll be drawing on years of writing for newspapers and advertising along with the talents I bring into focus when I'm writing songs. Not every post will be brilliant. Not every post will be entertaining. Not every post will be amusing. But from time to time I think I'll be able to mange one or more of those categories. I might even find a way to share something that touches a nerve, sparks a memory or brings a smile.

As a friend of mine always says when I wish her good fortune as she starts a new venture: "We shall see."

Welcome. Let's slouch toward understanding together.
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